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Fright of Fireworks

Is your dog afraid of fireworks? We found out Quincey was afraid last Fourth of July.. the hard way. Last year was our first Fourth of July with Quincey, he was never afraid of loud noises before so we didn’t even think that he would get spooked from fireworks. We took him to my parents house to celebrate the holiday, and went to the golf course behind their home with the rest of the family to watch the big firework show. Quincey wasn’t leashed because he never leaves Brad side. However, the first pop of the firework caused Quincey to bolt. He disappeared into my parent’s dark neighborhood, and wouldn’t come when we called his name – and we couldn’t find him for 2 HOURS! My parents live in a really dark neighborhood with no street lights, so it was impossible to find him. We were driving up and down the neighborhood, searching in people’s yards with flashlights (causing one neighbor to call the police – no joke!) – I was a wreck!  Finally, Brad got a call on his cell phone from a neighbor who found him by their front door, and called the number on Quincey’s collar. The best phone call we have ever received!!

Bottom line, even if you think your dog is the bravest of them all – LEASH YOUR DOG if you are going to be outside this holiday. You never know how they will react. It is best to keep them indoors if you can, and leave the TV on for them to distract them from the loud noises. Here is a great article on other tips on protecting your dog this Independence Day.

Wishing you and your pup a happy and safe Fourth of July!!

Good dogs gone bad

Our pups are angels.. most of the time. Like any dog they have had their slip ups – but today was probably the worst. I came home to a torn up sofa with stuffing all over the living room. This was the first time they have ever touched the furniture. Yes, they have chewed up newspaper and magazines before (photo below), but never this extreme! I’m not sure why now all of a sudden it started, but I think it may have to do with me traveling and being gone so much lately. Plus they have been getting their walks in the evenings instead of the morning because it is too darn hot outside – so their schedule has been thrown off quite a bit. Nonetheless, they (or I should say Roxy since I’m 110% sure she’s the guilty one) were very bad dogs today.

I went to Michaels and bought needles and thread and sewed the hole in our couch back together. It’s not perfect, but it will have to do for a while. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of our poor couch – I’m trying to erase any evidence that it ever happened so I’ll forget about it!

Now, what to do with Roxy?? Brad and I both agreed that it is time she goes back into her kennel when we are not home. Perhaps we gave her freedom of the house just a little bit too early. Wishful thinking on our part..

What is the worst thing your dog has ever chewed up? My friend Matt Goodman has a hilarious site Things My Dog Ate.  The site is so popular that they created a television show about it!

Roxy learns to swim!

Just like a child, pool safety with a puppy is a must! We have a pool fence, but Roxy was so tiny as a pup she could crawl through the fence spokes. We absolutely needed to make sure she knew how to swim, and where the steps were so she could get out if she ever fell in the pool. Roxy was a natural at swimming, but it took several trials until she fully understood where the pool exit was. Here’s a really cute video of her learning how to swim when she was just a tiny pup – I wish she was still this little!!