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Happy Golden Retriever Day 2018!

It’s our favorite day of the year.. Golden Retriever Day! I love seeing how much this holiday has already gained so much attention, thank you for your help spreading the word!

What did you do to celebrate? We want to know! Share your stories on our blog and/or on social media (using #goldenretrieverday) – and encourage your friends to join in on the fun!


Happy Golden Retriever Day!

Happy International #GoldenRetrieverDay 2013!!

From our home to yours – Happy International #GoldenRetrieverDay!! What are you doing today to celebrate? Here are some of our tips!

Wow, how lucky for all of our pups that it falls on the Super Bowl this year! I’m sure they’ll get a lot of extra snacks today.

Enjoy the day everyone!!

Happy National Golden Retriever Day!!

Happy National Golden Retriever Day everyone! We hope you have a fabulous day with your pup(s) – since it lands on a Friday, you might as well continue the celebration into the entire weekend 🙂

What are you doing to celebrate? Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions! Can’t wait to share stories with each other!

Well.. time to turn off the computer and spend some time with Quincey & Roxy!

Tomorrow is National Golden Retriever Day

I can’t believe National Golden Retriever Day is already here!! I’m so excited that so many people have helped us spread the word about this – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s keep it up! If you have a twitter account, use #NationalGoldenRetrieverDay – and if you’re talking about it on Facebook, we’d love for you to share your enthusiasm on our facebook fan page!

How are you going to celebrate this fine holiday? Please share your stories and photos with us!