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Love Your Pet Day Photos

Wanted to share some of the great photos we received from Love Your Pet Day!  There are a lot of lucky pups out there – thanks for sharing everyone!

Caryl & George

Jenny & Bentley

Jenn & Beau


Today is also Fat Tuesday!! Laissez les bon temps rouler! Quincey wore some beads to celebrate the occasion

But then – Roxy flashed Quincey, so he gave them to her 🙂



Valentines with your K9s

Happy <belated> Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all had fun celebrating with your sweethearts (dogs included of course).

Came across this adorable video on You Tube that melted my heart – very fitting for a day all about ‘showing the love’ to the special ones in your life.. and nothing says that more than a belly rub!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Wednesday Friendsday.. can’t wait to share more fun photos of this pup with you!

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to wish all of our readers and their pups a happy and healthy new year! Cheers to 2012!

Doesn’t Quincey look so dapper in his new years crown? 🙂

Costume Parade

So sad to pack up the pups’ costumes.. but before I do – just had to share some more fun photos!

Let’s check out some pugs (our Featured Breed of the Month) in costume!

The next two are my friend Alysha’s little pug, Jade – too cute!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Did you know that nearly 15% of American pet owners dress up their pets for Halloween? Brad and I are happy to be part of that population – check out our Superpups!

Roxy loves her costume..

We dressed the pups up last year as turtles! It was really hard to keep the headpiece on.. but worth every penny for the picture! Heroes in a half shell!

Always make sure your pet is safe in the costume you dress it in, and always supervise them while wearing it (and supervise them around that big bowl of chocolate candy for the trick-or-treaters!). The ASPCA website offers some great tips on Costume Tips for your Furry Friends.

Do you dress up your golden? Please share photos on our i heart golden retrievers Facebook Fan Page!

Here are some fun photos I found online of other Goldens in costume:

I think Halloween is Quincey & Roxy’s favorite holiday.. they love doorbells and children – so a great combination!



Adorable photo

Just had to share this ridiculously cute photo of my friend Lindsay’s baby Cameron, and her pup Cooper. This should be on a greeting card or calendar or something.. Doesn’t get much better than this!


Happy Birthday America!

Just wanted to share this adorable photo I found on the internet. Wishing you and your pups a Happy 4th of July! We are the land of the free because of the brave, thank you to all who have served – including my husband Brad! Brad’s company Veteran Design designed this blog, they offer special military discounts and donate a portion of their profits to Snowball Express.

Snuggle Pup

Brad made it very clear to the pups that they are not allowed up on the bed. However, I’m a little bit more lenient.. and Roxy knows it! Every time Brad’s not around, she hops up into bed with me – it’s pretty darn cute. It has become our little morning ritual: alarm goes off, Brad gets in the shower, and as soon as he turns the corner she hops up on my lap. In the winter it’s SO hard to get up when there’s a warm pup snuggled up against me.

Roxy cuddling with mama..

Quincey’s favorite pose

You know Quincey’s really enjoying himself when he lies on his back, belly up in the air, legs sprawled out and with a big smile on his face. Ever since we got him, he loves laying down like this! Does your Golden do this?

We had a party a few weeks ago, and Quincey was the center of attention 🙂

Separation Anxiety

Every time I leave the house, I get “the look” from the dogs – that puppy dog look where they bat their big brown eyes at me begging me not leave. It breaks my heart! Lately I have had to travel quite a bit for work so I’ve gotten “that look” quite a bit. It’s gotten to a point where Roxy even gets depressed when she sees me get the red suitcase out, she knows I’m going to leave. Tonight I’m in Denver, and I miss my husband and pups so much! Brad always sends me cute photos to make me smile. Here’s a photo he sent tonight.