Valentines with your K9s

Happy <belated> Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all had fun celebrating with your sweethearts (dogs included of course).

Came across this adorable video on You Tube that melted my heart – very fitting for a day all about ‘showing the love’ to the special ones in your life.. and nothing says that more than a belly rub!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Wednesday Friendsday.. can’t wait to share more fun photos of this pup with you!

Wednesday Friendsday – Jackson

Happy Wednesday Friendsday Golden lovers – meet Jackson!! Isn’t he one of the cutest puppies you have EVER seen?

Jackson lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ with his parents Adam & Liz. Jackson’s favorite thing to do is cool off with a nice swim in the pool..

..or a swim in the lake! Jackson even has his own life jacket so he can swim all day long without getting too tired.

And if there’s not a pool or a lake around, a bucket will do πŸ™‚

Jackson’s favorite toy is his tennis ball, he will fetch it all day long if you throw it. His favorite treat is a bone dipped in peanut butter (mmm.. sounds yummy Jackson!).

“He is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had – and truly brings so much happiness to our home,” says Adam. From the looks of that floppy tongue smile, the feeling is definitely mutual Adam πŸ™‚ Aren’t these photos amazing? Adam and Liz are engaged – and included Jackson in their recent engagement photos! What a beautiful family!! Photography was done by Kelsey Pinkerton.

Thank you Adam & Liz for sharing your photos with us! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, and puppy dog kisses πŸ™‚ Β – Jackson’s a lucky pup to have such wonderful parents!

Super Golden Moments of the Superbowl!

Happy Superbowl everyone! Who are you rooting for today?

I love that even though dogs aren’t the ones scoring the touchdowns – they are still so involved with the big game! Whether it be on the commercials or half time shows of their own, the Superbowl and dogs go together like Bud Lite and chicken wings! πŸ™‚ Here are some of our favorite “Super Golden” Superbowl highlights:

If you didn’t see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s “Puppy Predictor” – you’ve got to watch this video! A darling little golden retriever puppy sits in the guest seat – do you agree with his prediction?

We love Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” Here’s a sneak peak at Puppy Bowl VIII

It’s no surprise that the best Superbowl commercials involve dogs. Here are some of our favorites!


Have a fun day watching the big game everyone! Goodness, all this talk about goldens and football makes me want to watch this movie!

Mark your calendars for International Golden Retriever Day 2013!

Wow, what an incredible response we got yesterday! Since we had golden lovers from all across the globe join in on the fun – so we had to rename this joyous holiday to “International Golden Retriever Day” πŸ™‚

We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us spread the word!

Some fun highlights:

– Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast, and Golden Retriever lover, Shawn Johnson tweeted about the holiday on twitter!

Petco helped advertise this holiday on twitter

– Thousands of people across the world started to search “Golden Retriever Day” on the internet

– We received so many wonderful comments, photos and stories on this blog, our facebook fan page, and twitter account

Please join us in celebrating next year by RSVP’ing on facebook! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in helping make this a success – and a now an internationally celebrated holiday!

Happy National Golden Retriever Day!!

Happy National Golden Retriever Day everyone! We hope you have a fabulous day with your pup(s) – since it lands on a Friday, you might as well continue the celebration into the entire weekend πŸ™‚

What are you doing to celebrate? Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions! Can’t wait to share stories with each other!

Well.. time to turn off the computer and spend some time with Quincey & Roxy!

Tomorrow is National Golden Retriever Day

I can’t believe National Golden Retriever Day is already here!! I’m so excited that so many people have helped us spread the word about this – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s keep it up! If you have a twitter account, use #NationalGoldenRetrieverDay – and if you’re talking about it on Facebook, we’d love for you to share your enthusiasm on our facebook fan page!

How are you going to celebrate this fine holiday? Please share your stories and photos with us!

Wednesday Friendsday

Hello fellow Golden lovers – and Happy Wednesday Friendsday! Our first Wednesday Friendsday of 2012!!

We have a very special pup today – meet Napa Bella! Today also happens to be Napa’s 6th Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAPA!!

Napa’s mommy is Arizona’s favorite news anchor – Tram Mai! Tram Mai is the host of EVB Live on Arizona’s Channel 12 News. For viewers outside of Arizona, you may recognize her from her guest host appearance on Live! With Regis & Kelly. Β Quincey, Roxy and I love watching her show everyday! Not only is Tram a great mom to her goldens, but she is also extremely generous and supportive to our local animal (and human!:) community – helping organizations likeΒ Gabriel’s Angels.

I love the name Napa! Tram named her pup that after her love for wine. Wine + Goldens.. doesn’t get much better than that! Here’s some more adorable photos of Napa.

On top of having great parents, Napa also has a Golden sibling named Pressley! We’ll look forward to featuring Pressley in an upcoming Wednesday Friendsday πŸ™‚

Tram, thank you for sharing photos of Napa – she’s a beautiful pup! We hope you have a fun time celebrating her birthday!



A pup with allergies needs your help!

Hello Golden lovers!

Miley, one of the pups from a Wednesday Friendsday feature, is having some allergy issues and she needs your help! Her mom Jen wants to know if anyone else is having the same problems with their dog. Please read about the allergy issues Miley is having below, and comment on this post if you have had the same experience or have any advice for her. Thanks for your help!

Here’s what Jen wrote me:

Miley started itching about 6-7 months ago. Our normal Vet gave her a steroid injection and started her on Benadryl daily. This resolved her itching for about 2 months until one day we ran out of Benadryl and couldn’t get to the store. In that one day her allergies caught up to her and we could never get it under control again with just Benadryl (or any other antihistamine available over the counter). The Vet was reluctant to do another steroid injection due to the side effects of excessive steroid use.

This is when we took her to the Dermatologist. She had itched herself so badly that she had the red, pimple type bumps on her tummy (his was a Staph infection on her skin that was treated with antibiotics). The itching and licking had gotten so extreme that she was bleeding between her paws, under her armpits and on her belly.

The dermatologist started her on a low allergen diet to rule out a food allergy. For 6 weeks all she was allowed to eat was Rabbit and Potato (brutally painful for Miley who was accustomed to treats and bones on a regular basis).

She has now finished the diet and a food allergy has been ruled out because she is still extremely itchy. Miley was also treated for parasites with an antibiotic to rule out a parasite allergy. So now we are left with environmental allergies…

My question, and point in rambling on, is…Has anyone ever had their dog allergy tested? If so I’d love to hear from someone who has. I’m wondering if it is worth it? Not only from a financial aspect but also from the results aspect. Has anyone been successful in pinpointing an actual allergen in the environment and treating for this specific allergen?

It sounds like the allergy testing and desensitizing is a long drawn out process (sometimes 1-2 years to actually see results). Are long term steroids a better option? I’ve heard that the steroids have horrible long term consequences…

We want to make the most informed decision possible and do what is right for Miley so any input is appreciated!

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to wish all of our readers and their pups a happy and healthy new year! Cheers to 2012!

Doesn’t Quincey look so dapper in his new years crown? πŸ™‚

12 Days of Christmas – Golden Gifts – Day 12

And so our 12 Days of Christmas draws to a close..Β But – before we go, we wanted to share this final gift suggestion!

Golden Gift #12: Homemade dog treats

Personally, I think a homemade gift is the best gift of all – something that someone put a lot of heart into.. and nothing says that more than a warm homemade baked biscuit! There are tons of recipes available online – but here’s one that is super simple (great for beginner bakers) and affordable! Plus, they’re healthy! The peanut butter provides just the right amount of protein while the canned pumpkin is extremely high in fiber, excellent for your doggy’s tummy!

Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Doggy Biscuits


2 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour

2 eggs

1/2 8 oz can of pumpkin (approx 1 1/2 cups) – just eyeball it

2 heaping spoon-fulls of smooth peanut butter

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

pinch of salt

Cookie cutter of your choice (I used the smallΒ Martha Stewart dog bone cookie cutters from PetSmart)


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

2. Place all ingredients into a stand mixer and whisk together (or whisk it yourself – it will be tough though so be ready to get an arm workout!). You may have to add a bit of water (tablespoon or so) if the dough is really hard to mix. Confession: I’m embarrassed to say this is the first time we have used our Kitchenaid stand mixer. I’ve always been so intimidated to use it.. but it was surprisingly really easy to learn and so easy to clean. Can’t wait to use it again!

3. Roll out dough onto a floured surface

4. Use cookie cutter to cut out individual cookies. Take excess dough, roll it out again, and repeat until you’ve used most of the dough.

5. Place cookies on a cookie sheet coated with some Pam and bake for approx 40 minutes – until hard. Warning: while cooking your dog’s nose will be going crazy with the lovely smells throughout your kitchen!

6. Remove from oven and let cool – enjoy! I tried a bite (you know you’re going to do the same!). Let’s just say these biscuits better suit your dog’s pallet – so don’t be expecting super yummy human food. πŸ™‚

Once whisked, dough will be in a big lump

Use whatever cookie cutter you'd like!

The best part..

Ready to go into the oven!

You can wrap several of these up in some basic cellophane wrap with holiday ribbon and take them to your friends’ pups. Easy, inexpensive, yet a very thoughtful and appreciated gift – done and done!

Whoa mom, those looks really dog-gone good!